Nexus 6P-The Real Deal


It is 2016! And a year can pass so quickly, if you don’t believe me ask Flagship Phones they get outdated before a year. Even a year is a long time when the competition is so stiff, new phones are out almost every month with specs breaking every possible barrier you can imagine (It’s survival of the fittest) out there. Even budgets phones are giving Flagship Phones run for their money. You must be thinking: – What a Flagship Phone is? It simply means best of the best phone which company is providing you for a certain amount of sum. And of course if it is a Flagship Phone then it will contain all the latest features, great screen, big battery life and etc. Everything what you want in a phone is provided to you hence leaving you with no complaints.

So, if I will ask you: – which was the best phone of 2015? Most of the users would go for IPhone and Samsung. Some would even say HTC, Motorola and etc. But who is listening to them. You should listen to me and take a look at the list below.

How the list of “best phones” in 2015 looks like:

  1. IPhone – because it is IPhone it can’t go wrong. Even if it misses a button or comes without speakers people would still BUY IPhone because after all IPhone can’t do anything wrong.
  2. Samsung – I copied IPhone but still couldn’t beat it, should be the official tagline of Samsung phones.
  3. HTC – makes a phone with an excellent design and then forgets to do the rest.
  4. Others(No Offence) – means Motorola, Sony, LG, One Plus and etc. They are not the best but not also the worst and they are cursed as they have to live in the shadows of IPhone’s and Samsung’s.

But the BEST PHONE of 2015 was, yes you guessed it right as you have read the title it is NEXUS 6P. The price of nexus 6P in India is around Rs. 40,000. And this time Google has turned on to Huawei to manufacture nexus 6P and we can say that Huawei has done a pretty good job.

Below is my opinion on NEXUS 6P:-


The screen size is 5.7 inches which is fine and big enough to watch videos and browse. Nexus 6P has a full metallic body which looks stunning and feels premium right from the moment you will hold the phone. The arrangement of buttons is great and you will not find yourself looking for the buttons. It also has a “USB Type C-port” which could prove as the new benchmark for charging and also for data transfer. If you’ll look at the back of nexus 6P, the most striking elements which every user is going to notice are: Fingerprint sensor, nexus logo and the protrusion. At the beginning the user might feel uncomfortable to use the handset while placing it on the surface (simply because of the protrusion) and the camera is also located there.


The fingerprint sensor is pretty good at what it does. It is very fast and responsive to touch. Nexus 6P changed the game by placing the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, at first it seems that it would be hard to locate but it is not. I would suggest you to set up both your index fingers, yes you read it right NO thumbs. It is very unlikely that users would use their thumb to unlock the phone.

The build material of nexus 6P is okay. It does give a premium feel when you hold the handset. But as nexus 6P exterior is metallic, it is much more prone to the scratches on the back.


The display on nexus 6P is amazing and why not? It has an enormous 5.7 inch QHD AMOLED screen which gives you an unbelievable 518ppi. The screen is very beautiful, produces colors which are very vibrant and look remarkable. Adding to the list of features the handset also provides you with the ambient display which means your notifications would appear on your lock screen without draining phone’s battery life. We all know it is not a feature but it makes nexus 6P even more stylish.


Every user wants a BIG battery. And here also nexus 6P ticks all the right boxes. The nexus 6p battery life is insanely good; it has a massive 3450mAh battery – which would surely deliver excellent battery backup. If you use it with the Marshmallow’s Doze Mode and other battery saving options the battery life virtually never ends.


IPhone 6 Plus is the only phone which can give you the same battery backup as Nexus 6p as these both phones can last for two days with least usage and a day with heavy usage.


Nexus phones did not have a great reputation among the camera lovers. But nexus 6P camera is a solid performer. It has a 12.3MP rear camera which performs better in low-light because of microns sensor. You can also record 4K videos.

The front facing camera also performs nicely using its 8MP to full use and gives you better selfies, with the front camera you can record HD videos too. All in all both cameras performs fine. They are not the best out there but excel in low light photography.


The Nexus 6P is a great phone and in my view the-best phone of 2015. It looks premium, performs well 3GB of RAM with snapdragon processor. It has NO micro SD card option but comes in options of 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. Nexus 6P colors options are such as grey, silver and special edition which is available in gold. Nexus 6P battery life would impress you. And it is the best phone you can get with marshmallow update. So, it is a win-win situation owing this phone. Nexus 6P is dependable and stable.